Dumping Love on the Baldowski Family.

A few weeks ago, the Dump Love community put on another incredible weekend of music, art, love & friendship, June 28th-30th. This year’s event was to benefit the family of Mr. Chris Baldowski; a man who was tragically injured as a child, leaving him quadriplegic. Throughout the weekend, all of the folks at Huber 3.0 banned together and manged to raise a grand total of $6,029 for the Baldowski Family! Huge shout out to Collene Bielemeier who pours her heart, time and nerves into an event which benefits others so greatly. Special mention to Scott Huber for his help in organizing this event. Scott was the original inspiration for the Huber events. Next year however, expect to see a change in event title as the ‘Huber’ will be dropped, officiating the transition from small birthday celebration to full on charity BANGER. Everyone involved in this event comes in with smiles and radiating positive energy and love. That energy lingers around The “G” Lodge and makes it that much more special for the next people who step foot on the property. We’re delighted to welcome Dump Love back out to The “G” Lodge next year and hopefully no one will lose their phones in the port-o-potties this time. Cheers.

Gabriella Gauger